Resolve Maritime Academy, LLC the maritime training subsidiary of Resolve Marine Group, Inc., was founded to serve the safety and emergency response training needs of the maritime industry.
Engine Room Resource Management (ERRM Gap Closer)
Trainees will learn effective resource management required to maintain a safe engineering watch at the operational level by using our Full Mission Simulator.
Vessel Resource Management - Combined Bridge and Engine
This class uses our bridge and engine room simulators to strengthen situational awareness, communication and teamwork skills to reduce human error and increase exposure to complete operational awareness.
Advanced Damage Control
Survivable Hull Breach damage control is taught in this course, which includes NAPA Damage Stability, Case Studies, and Cross and Down Flooding, as well as Wet Trainer drills to give students hands-on practice in a safe environment.



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Resolve Maritime Academy was founded more than 20 years ago to serve the safety and emergency response training needs of the maritime industry and to act as a strike team to support Resolve Marine Group’s emergency response work. As industry demands changed, we expanded our facilities and added simulator courses in order to support the needs of our cruise line clients.

Meeting the needs of clients is at the core of Resolve Maritime Academy – we not only develop new courses on a continual basis, we customize them based on client requirements.

In addition to the cruise line industry, we proudly serve the offshore, oil & gas, and yacht sectors as well. Our suite of simulators includes a Transas ERS 5000 Engine Room Simulator with models for podded and conventional vessels, diesel electric and slow or medium speed plants. The ERS 5000 is connected to the Academy’s main bridge simulator, a Transas NT Pro 5000 Class-A Full Mission Bridge, which enables combined bridge and engine room training options for various courses including Integrated Systems and Resource Management. Additionally, our new two-story wet trainer offers a more realistic experience for our Stability Damage Control course.

With plans to add an additional 7,000 square feet of space to the 15,500 square feet we already occupy, as well as providing fire and safety training to large urban fire departments, mega yachts, and marinas, we’re not slowing down any time soon.

We invite you to learn more.

Denise A. Jones,