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Engine Room Resource Management

Engine Room Resource Management Simulator Course
Trainees will learn effective resource management required to maintain a safe engineering watch at the operational level by using our Full Mission Simulator. The practical exercises conducted during the course satisfy STCW 2010 Tables A-III/1 and A-III/2 (OICEW 1.1A thru 2.4C and Management 1.1A thru 1.6C)

Vessel Resource Management - Combined Bridge and Engine

Designed specifically for shipping companies that wish to enhance training for their seagoing personnel, this class uses our bride simulator and engine room simulator to strengthen situational awareness, communication and teamwork skills to reduce human error and increase exposure to complete operational awareness.

Advanced Damage Control

Survivable Hull Breach damage control is taught in this course which includes NAPA Damage Stability, Case Studies, and Cross and Down Flooding. Includes Wet Trainer drill to give students hands-on practice in a safe environment.

Resolve Maritime Academy

Resolve Maritime Academy, LLC the maritime training subsidiary of Resolve Marine Group, Inc., was founded to serve the safety and emergency response training needs of the maritime industry. The Academy is comprised of two groups; Fire & Safety which specializes in shipboard fire, safety and hazardous materials response training, and Simulation, which specializes in bridge safety and navigation training using a full mission bridge simulator, bridge wing, and mini-bridges.

Resolve Maritime Academy is a DNV certified training provider that offers USCG approved courses including STCW training and certification to new and existing mariners. Our training academy also provides MCA approved courses and courses customized to the specific needs of our clients. Some courses provided by Resolve Maritime Academy are accepted as equivalent to that delivered in the UK and may be used specifically towards the issue of a UK Certificate of Competency. Since our STCW95 Basic Safety Training A-V1/1-1 to 1-4 is USCG approved it is accepted by the MCA and can be applied towards MCA certifications.